Zeolite – A Quick and Effective Way to Detox

Ever wonder why you feel so run down from doing relatively little? Do you feel like you are gradually slowing down? Unfortunately, many of us ignore these symptoms as a sign of getting older but they are in fact signs of increasing toxicity. Unfortunately, toxins have become an extremely common part of modern living. Our bodies are constantly under attack from the air pollution, water contaminates as well as the pesticides and preservatives in our food.

Many of these chemicals are stored in our bodies and continue to accumulate over time, raising our toxicity and lowering our body’s efficiency. Regular detoxification is becoming essential for our general well being. There are many detoxification products on the market but powdered zeolite supplements are by far the best means of detox. For one, Zeolite supplements have been shown to be very effective in the safe removal of toxins and there are no side effects associated with this product at any level.

Secondly, a detoxification program using zeolite is as easy to administer as taking daily vitamins. This allows for people to easily make their detox part of their daily routine. There is so much information to wade through when it comes to zeolite supplements. Here are the main points to remember when looking for a zeolite supplement.

Pure clinoptinolite is king.

All the independently published studies have been done on zeolite powder (clinoptinolite). The liquid zeolite was originally developed to be injected into cancer tumors. The experiment found the liquefied zeolite ineffective, mainly because the process of liquefying the zeolite broke the molecular cage structure rendering it useless. This same product was later re-marketed as an ingestible drug. There have been no independently published studies on the effectiveness of liquid zeolite and many resellers refer to studies done on zeolite powder found in the US Library of Medicine.

Don’t trust any supplement that doesn’t have a supplement label.

It is illegal for supplement manufacturers to produce supplements without supplement facts. If the product contains proprietary ingredients, that should also be explained in the supplement facts. It is best to steer clear of companies and products that don’t have supplement facts posted clearly on the packaging.

Know how much zeolite you are getting for your buck.

Use the supplement facts find your cost per unit of zeolite. Multiply the amount of zeolite per serving by the amount of servings in the container to calculate your total zeolite. Then divide the price of the product by the total units (usually mg) to find the cost per unit of zeolite. This is an easy way of comparing cost of zeolite supplements from multiple companies.

Use zeolite for humans, not cat boxes

In addition to being a supplement, zeolite can be used in a host of different products. Companies mine zeolite and sell that zeolite for products like concrete and kitty liter. Using this quality of zeolite for a supplement can be hazardous because the mining and the cleaning process did not have the type of quality controls usually applied for a product meant for human consumption.

Make sure that your zeolite supplement manufacturer only uses zeolite mined specifically for human consumption. Following these few points will help to narrow the field of zeolite supplement to ensure you get the best quality for your dollar. Using Zeolite to detoxify is the best way to get your body in balance and remove the toxins and heavy metals that zap your body of efficiency and energy.

What Are the Health Problems That May Be Prevented With Zeolite?

Health and vitality after detoxifying the body with zeolite! The detoxification processes of the organism are ideal for preventing and treating constipation, digestive system’s problems and many other health issues. Also, the bodily detoxification is utile to get rid of a few pounds that you might be feeling you have in plus. Furthermore, detoxification is suggested to help the organs that are working hardly in the digestion process: the liver, the gallbladder and the kidneys. Colon cleansing is the first step to be made for detoxification.

Actually, the body detoxification takes place by natural means, which our bodies have available and which function on a daily basis. Every day, the human body eliminates toxins through colon, kidneys, lungs, liver and skin. A diet too rich in fats, meats, fatty diary, refined foods, and chemical products hinders the body detoxification.

By a bodily detoxification with zeolite, we understand the elimination, neutralization and transformation of the toxins in our bodies. The difficult digestion, a dysfunctional colon, the renal and hepatic problems, together with respiratory and skin problems is all signs that the body detoxification is not working properly.

Detoxification with zeolite and toxins

Detoxification with zeolite is a must nowadays, regarding that we are surrounded by many different toxins with as much different origins:

– the toxins of physical origins: climate, radiations, light, the electromagnetic fields make from detoxification an important factor. Use zeolite for a perfect one!

– the toxins of chemical origins – pollution, cosmetics, pesticides, heavy metals – these all practically force us to follow a detoxification treatment.

When do we know that we need detoxification?

There are many signs and symptoms that show us we have to perform a bodily detoxification. For instance, you have to perform this kind of treatment whenever you start feeling unjustified tiredness, low energy, even if you are well rested and well fed. Being sleepy all the time, hardly waking up in the morning, these are signs that send you immediately to a zeolite detoxification. Depression, anxiety, lacking the capability to focus is also a sign that you suffer from heavy metal accumulation, meaning you need a zeolite detoxification.

People who may need a zeolite detoxification usually suffer from bad breath or have a tongue covered in a whitened substance. Being hungry for candies, fried and spicy foods, is also a sign that your body is in need of a zeolite detox.

Follow up a zeolite detox program if you’re frequently struggling with indigestion, nausea or vomiting. Also, this kind of detox is indicated in chronic diseases such as acne, hemorrhoids, psoriasis, constipation, diabetes, rheumatism, arthritis, cancer. Obesity is another health problem that can be taken care of with a detoxification like this.