Detox Naturally – 10 Ways to Support Your Body’s Natural Detoxification Process

Diet, with lifestyle practices, is one of the main keys to support your body to detox naturally. While your body is well equipped to get rid of everyday toxins, there are several ways you can help to ease this process. Here are a few things you can do:

1- Eat your vegetables: Vegetables are the utmost importance to detox naturally. They contain plenty of fiber, antioxidants vitamins and nutrients that support your body’s natural detoxification process. They also contribute to your water intake. Eating enough fruits and vegetables is definitely one of the most important factors for natural detoxification.

2- Drink water: Water is a natural cleanser. Without it, your body has to work harder to get rid of the toxins. It also plays a vital role into many bodily functions. To know the amount of water you need, check this post: 7 tips to drink more water

3- Breathe fully: Our breathing system is at the base or life. Without breath, we can’t live more than a few minutes. So compared to the food we eat, how we breath can also have a dramatic impact on our health and our well-being. Deep breathing helps us detoxify by eliminating C02, increasing oxygen, promoting blood circulation, helping digestion and supporting our immune system.

4- Sweat daily: Exercising is essential for the detoxification process, to support digestive health, and to promote general health. Exercise ensures that the nutrients are transported to the cells, and that the toxins are correctly eliminated. It also helps reduce stress, one of the major enemies of digestive and overall health.

5- Don’t sweat the small stuff: stress can do serious damage to your health and sabotage your detox efforts. Take the time to slow down, take care of yourself, exercise and eating food to ease your mood. Your body will thank you for that!

6- Take a detox bath: Taking a detox bath like an aromatic detox ginger bath can help sweat the toxins out while allowing you to calm down and reduce stress.

7- Dry brushing: Our skin is one of our main detox organs. It can get rid of up to 2 pounds of toxins daily. Help your skin to do its task by dry brushing your skin before going into the shower.

8- Try some detox herbs: Some natural ingredients such as milk thistle, dandelion, rosemary or golden rod can support and protect some of your main detox organs.

9- Alkalize your body: When your pH is out of balance, your body can’t perform its detox tasks as efficiently. Try those 10 tips to alkalize your body to help restoring your original pH balance.

10- Get some nutrients: Eating foods from the top 10 foods to detoxify provides vital nutrients for supporting your body’s natural detoxification process.

Detoxification – How Come It’s So Painful During The Process And What To Do

Detoxification is very important. If you wake up the morning feeling sluggish, whether you’ve had over or less than 8 hours of sleep, you need to detoxify your body. If you’re always hampered with colds, have trouble handling stress or you can’t take on other types of disease warfare, you need to detoxify.

The results of detoxification are very rewarding. I remember when I had gone through my first detoxify, I felt as if the chains I had been carrying through my bloodstream for years were suddenly gone. I could actually control my body, run longer distances and jump for joy. I could even make it through the 3pm hours feeling alive and well, while my workmates would feel like dozing off to sleep.

But going through detoxification is one whole other process. Like a goal, you can only get there by going through trials and tribulations. It’s no different with detoxification.

If you haven’t had a detox for years and you’ve lived an unhealthy lifestyle, your process is going to be a different experience than that of someone who is health-conscious and practices what they believe in. In fact, the experience can be confusing through a number of symptoms.

With my experience, I was in need of a real detox. Although I had been able to lose my bronchial problem that I had for years, when it came to detoxification, it was an unpleasant experience. A couple of times, I thought I had the flu. Here and there, I would experience things like fever, dizziness, flu-like symptoms, and weakness. Here I am on a detox program and yet, I’m experiencing the things that a sick person only gets. I was confused and was at the point of stopping my nutrition program.

Having lost weight a couple of months ago, I suddenly realized why many people experience these things. It has something to do with how the body moves toxins.

During the detoxification process, toxins that are stored in the body either in tissue or fat make their way in the bloodstream. There are different paths that the toxins take when being purged of, and it’s not just the liver that does the job:

Skin Pores: As toxins make their way out of the body, sensitive nerves, tissue and muscle will have to encounter these toxins and will react accordingly. If a toxin is making it’s way through the skin pores, the muscles and other tissues, the brain will interpret it as an invader (like a virus) and will start warming up the body in order to heat it up and destroy it. The irony is that the body at the same time is trying to remove it, so it is going to experience a tug-of-war. Worse, you’re caught in the middle of it. Many people try to take pain killers like Tylenol in order to stop the pain, but what they’re doing is counter-productive as they are re-introducing more toxic chemicals into the body. What I mean is that the pain killers are artificial ways of stopping the pain, but it is not a natural way.

Urine: This is obviously another way that the body removes toxins. In fact, toxins that are stored in the fatty areas of the body (the bad fat that is) are released into the urine, provided that the toxins are released from a process called thermo-genesis. During exercise, when the body is able to remove the fat, so do the toxins that are stuck to it. The kidneys and liver have to deal with these things. Let’s not forget the veins too, as they may have to adjust accordingly to the bloodstream and the number of nasties with them. People who are on a good inch-loss program (like Cinch) are able to release the toxins along with bad in the body.

Rectum: Definitely an obvious area of the body for a detox for the solids and other nasties. However, people who have had digestive problems for years (the majority of these problems caused by lifestyle, choices and irresponsibility) will have a hard time releasing all toxins. Why is that, you may ask?

We live in a world of quick, convenient food. But you can hardly call this food, since many are processed, deep fried in unhealthy fatty oils, and other things people take and ingest. Soda pop and other carbonated drinks not only thicken the sludge that is in the colon, the carbon electrical valence properties of carbonated drinks can also detract the valence properties of vitamin supplements from the body. To put it, carbonated drinks remove vitamins and calcium, for example, from the body and are absolutely bad for you.

The sludge that is not moved by the bowel and colon will thicken over time and may stay in there for years. When that happens, the body becomes its own polluter, as this fermented sludge manufactures poisons, such as ammonia and formaldehyde. How ironic it is that our own bodies can also kill us, based on the weapons we give it though ingestion. Conditions and diseases such as cancer are the result of having these things stay in the body. If the sludge and toxins are not made to exit the body, then the consequences will be severe.

So, going back to detoxification and why it is so painful. Simply put, the rest of your body is going to use all its defense systems to fight off the toxins that it is actually trying to get rid off. It’s funny that the body’s parts are not always cooperating or communicating together. But through detoxification, only the results can create a common message between each other.

How do we get rid of this pain though you may ask? There are a couple of ways

Rest: Stress is something that the body must be free of, so you may have to ask for a couple of days off. Tell your employer to trust you, as a healthy employee means stronger productivity. If you’re an entrepreneur, it’s still important to free your body of stress. Either way, take a couple of days off. You’ll need it when you experience the painful conditions. Secondly, make sure you’re ready to go to the washroom a lot; you’re going to need it. To fight off the fever or pain, go to bed and sleep it off. This is one way.

Supplementation: The next is to take at least 4 herb-lax supplements along with alfalfa supplements. Have at least 20 alfalfa supplements dissolved into hot water and some organic maple syrup (not pancake syrup) to sweeten as a tea. The herb-lax will help condition the bowel to gently move the sludge as it goes and also will help with the headaches and pain.

Consume as much liquid as you can: Ginger tea and chamomile tea are good drink soothers that you can ingest as well. Do avoid soda drinks (including ginger ale, contrary to what people say), coffee, black tea, and alcoholic beverages. A drink with lots of electrolytes will help you cope with the pain of the detoxification process. Keep in mind that the electrolyte drink must not contain any sugar.

Avoid Sugar: Refined sugar is a no-no. Although you cannot avoid it (it’s in ketchup, bread and other foods), try to avoid any foods that have this. You definitely don’t want to have more toxins get stuck in the sludge, so much so that your body has to work overtime just to get rid of these things and that the pain continues for an extended period of time.

Have a baseline skull massage: What I mean about this is that you need to massage the little muscles located where the back of your skull and neck bone meet. Have someone help you with this. Have them place two fingers (fingernails trimmed) at the two muscles in this location and have them do a very gentle, circular motion. Make sure they understand gentle, or else this may be the last time you might read this!

These are just a few of the many things that you can use to assist you in detoxification. Having lots of rest during your process is best recommended, but if you have trouble coping with the painful symptoms, just use the above advice with the right tools. Ultimately, let your body take care of the rest.

Dextoxification Process In Ayurveda – Panchkarma

Detoxification is a medical process to remove toxins from the human body. Detoxification speaks the truth resting, cleaning and feeding the body with nutrients from the back to the front. By uprooting and taking out poisons, then encouraging your body with sound supplements, detoxifying can help shield you from an ailment and reestablish your capacity to keep up ideal wellbeing.

Detoxification aims at removing toxins from the body and preventing accumulation of new toxins in the body as they causes illness in the body.

Detoxification Process:

Basically detoxification means blood purification. Body Organs like lungs, kidney, intestine and skin helps the body in removing toxins through them. Making the blood circulation, regular in these organs can help the body detox.

How the need for Detoxification realizes??

The following symptoms can help one to understand their bodily behavior against toxification:

• Restlessness

• Skin Problems

• Allergies

• Menstrual Issues

• Constipation

• Sexual Dysfunction

Body’s Natural way to detoxify it:

• Give rest to your organs by fasting

• Allow your body to sweat so that body toxins can release through the skin.

• Enrich your body with nutrients.

• Avoid coming in contact with pollutants.

Another few preventive measures which could be followed to reduce toxin levels in your body include elimination of alcohol, coffee, cigarettes.

Try to reduce the use of chemical cleaners used in your surrounding and health care products like shampoos, deodorants, etc. Stress triggers the release of stress hormone in our body and hence slows down the working activity of detoxifying enzymes in the liver and raises the body toxin level.

Hence by making the changes in our diet plan, having a high fiber meal, keeping ourselves happy can help the body detox and healthy.

In Ayurveda the special process of detoxification is known as Panchkarma. This process eliminates all toxins. Every individual takes its best food to live a healthy life, then also he or she gets some diseases or restlessness/ tiredness. This shows that all the toxins are not eliminated by passing stool daily or urination or sweating. Very fine particles of undigested food particles (known as AAMA in Ayurveda) deposited in blood, cells, tissues and organ level and be the main cause of diseases. This panchkarma process is known as shorthand chikitsa and has a major role to rejuvenate individual and leads to 100 years of life.

Panchkarma means five processes

1. Vamana- Drug induced vomiting

2. Virechana- Therapeutic Purgation

3. Vasti – detoxification via anus

4. Nasya – elimination of toxins by nasal route

5. Raktmokshan – detoxification of blood

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