How to Detox the Natural Way

Detoxification is the process of getting rid of toxins from your body. This is pretty crucial when it comes to maintaining health. If you have digestive problems, skin problems or generally feel without energy and motivation, you probably need to look into methods of detoxification. The process is really about cleaning blood and getting rid of toxins that are mainly processed in the liver. The lungs, lymph, skin and intestine are other channels that these harmful substances are eliminated through.

If all the toxins are not eliminated in the right way or are not eliminated at all, the normal function of body cells will be compromised and this is how disease can breed. There are several reasons why you need to detox and they are highlighted below. You can be sure that this information will help you make choices that only promote health in your life. First, through fasting, you can rest the organs and this is pretty beneficial. The second thing is that the liver gets to be stimulated so that the harmful substances can be eliminated from your body.

Through the process of detoxification, you are able to boost the elimination through intestines and skin. Your blood circulation will be improved and this is what you want in your body. After going through the process, your body will be refueled by healthy nutrients that will make you healthy and happy. There are many other reasons why you must go this direction for optimum health.

Experts advise that doing it at least once a year will do you so much good. However, when you plan to do it, you need to consult your health care provider for advice. This is because there are so many other factors that need to be considered as you get the best recommendation for a detox. There is a group of people who should not do it and they include nursing mothers, children and patients who suffer from chronic conditions like tuberculosis, cancer and others.

Take necessary precaution and know that not all detoxification programs and ingredients are safe for you. You need to have a qualified doctor guide you accordingly. With this in mind, the following are the steps you take in for the process of eliminating the harmful substances from your body. First, you have to reduce or eliminate the obvious toxins. This means that you quit smoking, stop taking alcohol, get rid of refined sugars and unsaturated fats in your diet.

Start using health care products that are natural and this may touch on deodorants, toothpastes, cleansers and the like. Stress is responsible for the production of hormones that will be toxic to the body. Therefore, you need to say goodbye to stress by employing strategies like yoga, meditation and exercises.

There are so many programs that people follow to detox and use different kinds of supplements. However, you can do it easily and without complications. Top experts say that going on a 3-7 day juice fast will do you good. You will take only fresh juice and vegetables plus water. Toxins will be effectively released leaving you cleansed.

Many cultures also had a detox program which saw them take in water only one day every week. This routine can also work if followed well. Taking in plenty of minerals, high fiber and plenty of water will go a long way in your endeavor. There are so many other ways but with the above, you will do it naturally for better health.

Understanding the Need For Detox Tea

Not so very long ago, I went through a period in my life where I did not take care of myself. Between problems at work and stress at home, I could barely hold anything together and when I finally did look up, I realized that I had put on twenty pounds! The truth of the matter is that this was not strange to me. I’ve had a yo-y waistline my whole life but this was an all time high for me. I started to get things back on track with eating better and getting more exercise, but to my dismay, none of this seemed to work. This is when a good friend of my recommended a Detox Tea.

“You’re not doing anything wrong,” she said soothingly. “What’s happening is that your body has stored up toxins and it is having a hard time getting rid of it. This is why you need to take a sec to look at a body cleanse detox.”

I’ll admit that the idea of a body cleanse detox did sound pretty good. I couldn’t put my finger on it, but I had just been feeling heavy and tired all the time and it wasn’t just the weight I was carrying. There were days when I felt so listless that I could barely go to work, and there were nights when I just couldn’t sleep because I was so uncomfortable inside my own skin.

My problem is what detox tea was made for. Detox tea goes into your system and starts helping you purge the toxins that might have built up in your body. Just over the course of living, you will find that you can quickly start building up toxins in your body and that overall, it is going to detract from how effectively your body works. For instance, not only are you going to spend lots of time trying to lose weight, you might notice that you are also going to run into things like insomnia and fatigue!

How do you know if a body cleanse detox is something that you want to take advantage of? While I mentioned insomnia, fatigue and a persistent inability to lose weight, you might also notice things like acne, constipation, menstrual problems, high blood pressure and varicose veins. Some of the more dire effects of the prolonged presence of toxins in your body include things like kidney stones, a hardening of the arteries, prostate disease and even heart problems! When you put it in perspective like this, you can see why you might need to take a look at detox tea.

My results with the detox tea were great. After just a short amount of time, I started to see weight loss that pleased me, but it was so much more than that. Suddenly, I wasn’t tired all the time anymore. Suddenly, I had the energy that you need to do everything that I wanted to. My friends and family noticed and more than that, I was happy with myself!

7 Homemade Detox Drinks for Weight Loss

These homemade detox drinks for weight loss are a natural way to melt the fat fast. Detoxification removes toxins and helps you reach your weight loss goals in a relatively short period of time. So naturally it’s a good idea to detox your body on a regular basis.

It’s important to note, if you plan on drinking only detoxification drinks for more than a few days, make sure your current health status allows you to change from your normal diet to a detox diet. Before doing any kind of long-term or drastic detox you should consult with a doctor.

With that said, here are 7 homemade detox drinks to help you lose weight:

  1. Tea: Tea is a natural detox drink that expels toxins from your system. Dandelion tea, green tea, peppermint tea, and ginger tea are especially effective in supporting weight loss. Drink 3-5 cups of tea daily to support your weight loss efforts.
  2. Cranberry Juice: Cranberry juice enhances the body’s metabolism, which is essential to converting fats into energy instead of excess weight. Along with eating plenty of fruits and vegetables, drinking cranberry juice is a very effective way to lose weight. Plus, this detox drink also helps clear nicotine and alcohol from your system in just about four days. Drink at least 32 ounces of 100% natural organic cranberry juice every day.
  3. Cabbage Juice: Cabbage is very effective for detoxifying your liver. And because your liver is responsible for the detoxification of your body, it is an essential part of your detox and weight loss plan. If you have a juicer, juice up some cabbage, carrots and pears for a deliciously refreshing detox drink.
  4. Cabbage Broth: For a satisfying hot drink, simmer a head of cabbage along with carrots, onions and a pinch of salt, then strain and drink. You can also add other vegetables to pack more nutrients into this hot detox drink, which is very effective for detoxifying your liver.
  5. Cucumber and Lemon: This might seem like a surprising combination, but the effects of these two ingredients was tested by professional nutritionists and found to be a very effective detox and weight loss drink. All you have to do is use a blender to mix 1 cucumber sliced into tiny pieces and the juice half a lemon. Drink at least 2 times per day. This detox drink boosts your metabolism, which is essential for losing weight quickly, and you’ll notice how it loads you with energy.
  6. Master Cleanse Lemonade: This is probably the most popular detox drink for weight loss in the industry. It was made famous by celebrities like Angelina Jolie and Beyoncé Knowles because it is an extremely effective detox drink for weight loss and for improving your skin complexion. This is a perfect homemade detox drink to lose weight fast. Mix lemon juice, organic maple syrup and a dash of cayenne pepper into a 10 oz. glass of water. Sip on this drink all day for best results.
  7. Salt Water Cleanse: At the start of your detox, you might want to do a salt water detox to cleanse your digestive system and prepare your body for weight loss. Do this on a day when you have plenty of time to stay home near the bathroom as it will run through your body very quickly. Mix 1 to 2 tablespoons of natural sea salt into one quart of lukewarm water. Do not use table salt; it will not have the same effect. Stir or shake until the salt is dissolved. Drink and then relax. Most people report a bowel movement within 30 minutes to two hours and several more may follow. Once you have cleansed your system, restore it by eating yogurt to replenish the beneficial bacteria in your digestive tract, drink juice, and eat fresh, soft-cooked and steamed fruits and vegetables.

In addition to these detox drinks, make sure to eat lots of veggies, fruits and whole grain foods that fill you up and give you the best chance for quickly losing weight.

Zeolite – A Quick and Effective Way to Detox

Ever wonder why you feel so run down from doing relatively little? Do you feel like you are gradually slowing down? Unfortunately, many of us ignore these symptoms as a sign of getting older but they are in fact signs of increasing toxicity. Unfortunately, toxins have become an extremely common part of modern living. Our bodies are constantly under attack from the air pollution, water contaminates as well as the pesticides and preservatives in our food.

Many of these chemicals are stored in our bodies and continue to accumulate over time, raising our toxicity and lowering our body’s efficiency. Regular detoxification is becoming essential for our general well being. There are many detoxification products on the market but powdered zeolite supplements are by far the best means of detox. For one, Zeolite supplements have been shown to be very effective in the safe removal of toxins and there are no side effects associated with this product at any level.

Secondly, a detoxification program using zeolite is as easy to administer as taking daily vitamins. This allows for people to easily make their detox part of their daily routine. There is so much information to wade through when it comes to zeolite supplements. Here are the main points to remember when looking for a zeolite supplement.

Pure clinoptinolite is king.

All the independently published studies have been done on zeolite powder (clinoptinolite). The liquid zeolite was originally developed to be injected into cancer tumors. The experiment found the liquefied zeolite ineffective, mainly because the process of liquefying the zeolite broke the molecular cage structure rendering it useless. This same product was later re-marketed as an ingestible drug. There have been no independently published studies on the effectiveness of liquid zeolite and many resellers refer to studies done on zeolite powder found in the US Library of Medicine.

Don’t trust any supplement that doesn’t have a supplement label.

It is illegal for supplement manufacturers to produce supplements without supplement facts. If the product contains proprietary ingredients, that should also be explained in the supplement facts. It is best to steer clear of companies and products that don’t have supplement facts posted clearly on the packaging.

Know how much zeolite you are getting for your buck.

Use the supplement facts find your cost per unit of zeolite. Multiply the amount of zeolite per serving by the amount of servings in the container to calculate your total zeolite. Then divide the price of the product by the total units (usually mg) to find the cost per unit of zeolite. This is an easy way of comparing cost of zeolite supplements from multiple companies.

Use zeolite for humans, not cat boxes

In addition to being a supplement, zeolite can be used in a host of different products. Companies mine zeolite and sell that zeolite for products like concrete and kitty liter. Using this quality of zeolite for a supplement can be hazardous because the mining and the cleaning process did not have the type of quality controls usually applied for a product meant for human consumption.

Make sure that your zeolite supplement manufacturer only uses zeolite mined specifically for human consumption. Following these few points will help to narrow the field of zeolite supplement to ensure you get the best quality for your dollar. Using Zeolite to detoxify is the best way to get your body in balance and remove the toxins and heavy metals that zap your body of efficiency and energy.