Detox: A Cleansing Ritual

A few days ago, I started my first formal “detox”. A detox is a process in which one rids his or her body of toxins that have accumulated there over time since the last detox (or since the body stopped efficiently eliminating toxins which could be as early as in childhood). What this may involve is fasting, change of diet, and lots of crazy things. It’s great because, believe it or not, a few days in, you’ll feel amazing but only after you go through hell.

Let me tell you about my experience:

Day 1

Day 1 started well enough, I suppose. Jane and I planned on drinking lemon water and nothing else. By lunchtime, we felt terribly hungry, wanting anything and everything to eat. We craved coffee, solid food, pizza, baguettes, and basically, our usual lunch and breakfast. But alas, we stayed away and only drank lemon water.

Yet, we decided to eat because we were both extremely hungry and thus ate a couple of light salads with light organic dressing (not ranch) and some vegetable broth. We also had some fruit. We started out simply and easily. The first day was over, I did not feel anything and Jane started to feel the effects already.

Day 2

Day 2 had the most effect on our minds. We decided to continue with the salads and fruit but drink juice instead of lemon water to fill us up better (thus we could eat less solids). As for the whole digestive system intimate information, let me just tell you that I had to go to the bathroom a lot less for anything other than pee. But I went to pee a ton of times. The juice was good, the salads were great but the hunger wasn’t. You see, we ate salads, yes, but only two times a day, and that was it! No breakfast. I had a single fruit that day (between salads) and a lot of juice.

Detox, not only eliminates toxins from our bodies but also from our minds. I started to become delirious. I ended up crying that night, and releasing a lot of emotions and I’ve realized a few things I may have been subconsciously keeping from myself. Jane experience a similar release. My mind became clearer that night.

As for pains, I felt slight pain in my left knee, as I do whenever I’m hungry. And I started getting headaches, it was bearable but rather annoying. Jane experienced the same but much worse. Also she exhibited some signs of a cold ie. blocked sinuses.

Day 3

For me, day 3 was strange. I felt light and light headed most of the day. I fell against a wall a few times. Jane and I spent a lot of time sleeping. We decided to have the last salad that day and move onto juice&broth diet. My disorientation was rather funny but dangerous. At one point when I was driving, I stepped on the gas pedal instead of the brake. Jane experienced a lot more pain and so did I. By the night time, my sinuses were clogged as well but not badly. I had terrible headaches and my leg bore unbearable pain.

I woke up several times throughout the night because of new pains in my knee, in my back, my leg, my shoulder, my neck, and my head. All of it hurt but I slept through a lot of it. Jane, on the other hand, could not sleep at all. She stayed up all night because of the pain and the fact that she could barely breathe.

Day 4

Day 4 consisted of pain, and finally, peace. In the morning, I woke up with terrible pains, so terrible that I did not want to even get up. My leg, I wanted it cut off, amputated. Jane felt similarly. We both had fever, and we were both dizzy, and rather delirious as well (not as badly as one day 2 but badly anyways). We realized that we had gotten sick (not from detox) while detoxing. By the end of the day, however, we were both fine and neither of us hungered anymore. Pains were mostly gone and I felt free. My mind was clear, everything around me felt real, and I was glad about everything. I still had to pee about twenty times an hour but that was alright.

At the end of the day, we decided that we should start eating salads and get back onto our regular diet the next day and onward.

The Experience

It may not seem like we “fasted” much but it was a huge difference to what we usually eat (and that is A LOT). We normally eat healthy so our detox wasn’t as bad as is usually the case. Also because of that, our detox took only four days, and not longer. Cutting back so much on food and drinking so many liquids really flushed our systems. What’s amazing is that this definitely helped with my emotional stability, keeping my sanity, and feeling great in my body. You should try it sometimes, but adjust it to your own needs.

How to Master Cleanse to Get Rid of Fibroids Using Natural Detox Solution

Fibroids can be a debilitating and annoying discomfort that many women endure. Many women are constantly searching for methods to get rid of fibroids or at least shrink them down to size in the most feasible and least damaging means to their body and their lifestyle. There are numerous diets and programs containing a lot conflicting information, there is no doubt that huge amount of confusion permeates for seeker in the health industry. A detox diet with health programs including the master cleanse diet can be a gentle solution for elimination heavy toxins and metals found in the body that could be contributing to the problems.

Most women are aware of various options such as surgery and methods are available for removing individual fibroids and groups of fibroids that will cut off the blood supply to the offending fibroids causing them to shrink. Other available methods include drug treatments that are most often used before and after surgery to treat the fibroids. In effect, the drugs quickly reduce the size for optimal surgical success yet there is a common problem with this treatment. Fibroids have reported to grow back quickly and a temporary measure known to have potential undesirable side effects or complications.

These options are not without its merits and maybe necessary depending on the severity of any individual situation. Yet, many women are often searching for a more gently and natural methods that is less intrusive to their body while promoting greater overall health. Fortunately, the unique system of the body is remarkably receptive to natural alternative treatments. In the absence of good alternatives it is obvious to anyone the first thing to want to do is reduce the size through non-invasive means.

In efforts to prepare your body for shrinking or to try to eliminate fibroids, a master cleanse used to detoxify your body is most beneficial. Fibroids are conditioned to respond extremely well to natural remedies are an ideal treatment in combination with other solutions. Using a detox diet will flush out the excess toxins, heavy metals, and hormones from the body that can contribute to the fibroid growth. Some of the side effects of taking a master cleanse is the reduction of weight that most women enjoy. Maintaining a normal weight balance aids the elimination organs to rejuvenate and keep a natural healthy balance.

Fibroids thrive on excess estrogens and in many ways this can be limited by reducing the consumption of animal fats in a diet. Unfortunately, there are many foods and environmental substances that mimic estrogens and the body can absorb excess unable to process and stored in tissue. Cleansing the vital organs like the liver and the kidneys will help restore damaged cells and fortify healthy rejuvenated cells. Often women living in extremely stressful situations over a long period of time can contribute to fibroids growth. Meaning that there is more stress place on the body and its ability to function at its optimum. Stress as a contributing factor is often resolved by eating all the wrong foods for emotional comfort and distraction from the stress in our lives. Master cleanse solution can eliminate poorly ingested foods and allow the body to better produce the needed elements to combat stress naturally.

Detoxing with a master cleanse affords the body the ability to heal itself by the process of eliminating toxins and excess foreign substances that may be a contributing factor to fibroid growth. If nothing else, this is a cleansing system that promotes increased energy, healthier appearance and a safe alternative to harsh drugs and chemicals alone.

A Simple Detox Bath for Helping to Eliminate Heavy Metals

You can undergo chelation therapy for a small fortune with some results, or you can do this simple bath, once, twice or three times for a fraction of the cost but for excellent results.

Buy at least 5 pounds of bentonite clay for an average woman, allowing an extra pound of clay for every extra 20 pounds of human body weight, up to 10 pounds for larger adults. But this therapy is not recommended for obese, ill, or elderly people, since the detox might be too much of a strain. You can Google the label Aztec Mud or just plain bentonite clay online or find it in some health food stores.

1. Run water as warm as you can safely stand it. You will have to block off the overflow drain with a wash cloth or plug so that the tub can fill as deeply as you need it for this soak.

2. Sprinkle most of the clay into a couple of inches of water, setting aside one pound. (If your tub is one of those larger ones, you will need an extra pound or two of clay anyway.) Swish the clay around in the water to dissolve it well.

3. Get into the tub as it is filling, slink down and let it fill up until it is over your shoulders. Increasing the water temperature to hot once you’re in it is easier to take than running hot water in the beginning. It’s OK if your knees stick out. Get it as hot as you can safely tolerate it.

4. Mix the last pound of clay in a bowl with hot water until it is like a gooey clay mask. Not too runny. Put the mask on your face, neck and all around your head. Yes, even in your hair to detox the scalp and brain. Of course, don’t cover your eyes.

5. Soak in the tub for at least 20 minutes. For best results, stay in until the water starts to cool.

6. Before getting out, rinse off your head and neck under the water and then stand and rinse the whole body under the shower while the tub is draining. Wrap up from head to toe in towels after you’re dried off.

7. You don’t have to worry about bentonite in the pipes. Bentonite will actually do some scouring on its way out. Just be sure to rinse the tub out thoroughly when the bath is drained so that the mud doesn’t coat the tub.

8. Drink a glass of good water before the bath and take one after the bath also.

9. Afterwards, you want to lie down and rest or go to sleep, as you may feel tired or woozy. It’s good to give the body some down time to recover from the detox. Also, wrap up with a blanket over the towels and keep covered to prevent a chill.

You will notice when you get in the bath that it is a light sandy color. You will notice when you get out that it is now gray, even a dark gray or black-ish, depending on how much heavy metal has been pulled from your system.

This is one way to gauge your detox progress — if your next bath water comes out lighter at the end, you’re doing well. Keep bathing, perhaps weekly, until the water at the end is as clear as at the beginning. Also, on the days you plan the detox bath, eat lightly and drink lots of good water to flush out whatever gets stirred up.

This bath is a necessity for children these days, as they receive so many vaccines which are formulated with a heavy metal base. Research has linked heavy metals, especially mercury (which can lodge in the brain), to ADD/ADHD and autism disorders and aluminum to Alzheimer’s and dementia. Also, never allow mercury, gold, aluminum or any heavy metal in your or your children’s teeth.

Most adults have absorbed heavy metals and toxins from antiperspirants, processed foods, cooking in aluminum pots and pans, dental work, etc. We all could use at least one of these baths, if not a series of three or five or ten, to get our health back on track and toward a higher level of wellness from now on into the future.

Why You Need To Detoxify Your Body

Open the Doors to Healing & Rejuvination

Our society foolishly prizes itself upon eating a high protein, meat-based diet; excessive consumption of dairy products; refined grains (rich in gluten that literally converts into glue in your colon); starchy foods (that stiffen the body); refined sugars (that literally corrodes your brain); salt (which is really crude oil [petroleum] extract); genetically-engineered and grafted, pesticide laced produce (fruits and vegetables).

Food-stuffs saturated with harmful chemicals (flavor enhancers, preservatives, coloring agents, etc.) such as MSG (which causes severe headaches); aspartame and saccharin (cancer causing agents); blue, green, yellow and red lake # dyes (derived from petroleum); propylene glycol (used in car antifreeze solutions and for other industrial purposes); aluminum (which causes Alzheimer’s’ disease).

Consuming harmful beverages such as soda pop (which Y has a pH of 2 making it very acidic and which kills the kidneys and also has a high phosphoric acid content that eats up your bones which results in osteoporosis); coffee (also very acid-forming, causes cancer of the esophagus, kills the central nervous system, and shoots out the adrenal glands); milk and milk-based beverages (which are very acidic and therefore mucus forming, causes leukemia, puts extra, synthetic female hormones into the body causing a host of reproductive area cancers, especially in women); alcohol beverages which are also very acidic and processed with harmful chemicals such as ether (sleeping gas) and methanol (which converts inside the body to formaldehyde [embalming fluid], a neurotoxin).

Please do forget about the people who smoke cigarettes (which contain over 700 ingredients including civet cat absolute, nicotine, sugar, salt, opium, caffeine, etc.).

Now add all of the above to the following list of horrors – pumping gas at the gas station and inhaling cancer causing fumes from such chemicals as MTBE, lead, etc.; inhaling the exhaust (carbon and nitric oxides) from cars, trucks, and buses; breathing in air full of pollutants; using household cleaning supplies that are made with harmful ingredients that weaken the immune/defense system.

Dousing ourselves with personal hygiene products that are made with cancer causing chemical ingredients such as propylene glycol, sodium laurel sulfate, lead, aluminum; color lake dyes; mineral oil, petroleum jelly and lanolin (all of which suffocate the skin); DEA; fluoride (chief ingredient in rat poison) that is in almost all toothpastes -read the warning on the back of the tube!; expensive perfumes and colognes (that do not list the ingredients on the box or bottle) that seep into the skin and pollute the blood and lymph fluids; underarm antiperspirants (made with acetyl alcohol, propylene glycol, and aluminum) that toxify the lymph system and causes breast cancer in women due to wearing bras that hamper circulation in the breast area.

Please do not forget modern technology and the inundation of radiation that it provides us in exchange for convenience via such items as microwave ovens, television sets, radios, cell phones, alarm clocks, etc.

Last but not least -products that make up the largest and most profitable industry -pharmaceutical drugs, that kills over 300,000 people a year. Aspirin use burns a hole in your stomach and causes ulcers and internal bleeding; Prozac and Valium causes suicidal tendencies; birth control pills causes female cancers and hormonal imbalances; Dilantin causes strokes; Viagra causes eye disorders and heart attacks.

And how could we ever forget vaccinations? That’s right, those serums that we trust to prevent diseases which are the true cause of the diseases they are supposed to prevent and are made from such substances as pig blood, cow tumors and pus, dog kidneys, aborted fetal tissue, mercury, etc.

What Are the Benefits of Detoxifying Your Body?

When you detoxify your body, you open the door to healing and rejuvenation; in other words, you’re turning back the hands of time on aging or degenerating. Ideally, we as humans should reach and live a life longevity of at least 120 years; however, most people will be happy just to reach age 65 (the federal retirement age).

Detoxifying our bodies answers our body’s prayer for us to give it an internal shower and tune up. We are conscious about cleaning the external body, but not the internal body. Detoxifying our bodies helps us to eliminate toxic waste accumulations, mucus, parasites and worms (that steal what little nutrition we get or have in our bodies), excess fat, fluid buildup (cellulite), old and hardened fecal matter buildup, and many more unsightly and odorous things that play a pivotal role in sabotaging our health.

The results after detoxifying include more resilient skin and complexion, weight loss (10-50 pounds), less headaches, more energy, clearer sense of feeling and thinking; a more positive outlook on life, more willpower; less diseases and sicknesses throughout the year, and many more salubrious things.

What Does Full Body Detox Consist Of?

The Full Body Detox consists of seven (7) potent, safe, and effective herbal formulas. The seven formulas include: (1) Blood and Lymphatic, (2) Cardiovascular, (3) Liver and Gallbladder, (4) Lungs, (5) Kidneys and Bladder, (6) Colon Conditioner, and (7) Carbon [activated Charcoal]. These seven formulas (along with the recommended diet during the detox) are all that you need to begin the healing process with your body, turning back the hands of time (aging). The Full Body Detox kit comes complete with herbs, instructions on how and when to take the herbs, a recommended diet (all raw foods – fruits, vegetables, seeds and nuts, etc.) – everything you will need to get started and to complete the program.

After three (3) weeks of successfully following the program regimen, you are guaranteed to feel and see the results. No matter what disease or so-called ‘incurable’ disease you may be presently afflicted with – diabetes, genital herpes, AIDS, bronchitis or asthma, cancer, obesity, fibroid tumors, multiple sclerosis, Parkinsons’, Alzheimers’, impotence, infertility, STDs (gonorrhea, syphilis, chlamydia, warts, etc.), dysmenorrheal or amenorrhea, high blood pressure, congestive heart failure, high cholesterol, dermatitis, epilepsy, hepatitis, pelvic inflammatory disease, breast cancer, prostatitis, diverticulitis, kidney disease, etc., the Full Body Detox will start the healing and eradicating process.

Remember, in our opinion, there are no diseases on earth that cannot be cured. Ninety percent (90%) of today’s diseases that we suffer from in the U.S. are diet related, stemming from poor and deficient diet which means that if we change our eating, thinking and living habits, we can change our health. DETOX TODAY!!

…Experience Healing