Detoxification With a Herbal Cup of Tea

People are continuously dealing with their heavyweight, their health issues and desperately looking for the solution of their heavyweight so, Detoxification is the permanent solution of their problem. But, if detoxification is done with a herbal cup of tea so, it will not just solve their weight loss problem but, also keep them away from the many dangerous diseases.

What actually detoxification is?

Now for those who do not know about detoxification, so here is a short introduction for them. Detoxification is a process that reduces toxins in your body. Toxins are basically a kind of substance which could be very poisonous and it could be produced in the human body or any other living thing body due to the food we eat, air and pollution. When the human body starts to get toxins in a large quantity they stored as fat cells. Detoxification has many different functions for eliminating toxins. You could enhance or optimize this detoxification process according to fat cells you need to reduce. Red Detox Tea is an amazing and effective detox plan, which you could try, to get a fixed shape and beautiful figure.

Detoxify red tea

Detoxification will burn your weight and give you the same look which exactly you want and Red Detox Tea is best for detoxification. Red Detox Tea is basically a kind of herb and we all know very well that how much herbs are useful for us. The herbs keep us away from diseases. Herbs have anti-bacterial and antioxidant properties that help to fight against diseases. Herbs increase our energy level and help us to be fit because herbs are also very beneficial for reducing fat. This herbal cup of tea (Red Detox Tea) will give you the permanent result and the best thing is that as it is herb so it is useable for all age groups and there is no side effect to use this detox plan.

Detoxification is better than dieting

If you do the research, you will find that detoxification is a good route to lose weight than dieting. People have misconceptions that they will get a long-term result through dieting but actually, this is not right. When you are on diet you cut down many foods from your life and eat only those foods that are including in your diet plan, you also consume a limited number of calories. Once you stop to follow your diet plan and start to consume calories like before so, you would start to regain your fat. Detoxification will give you the long-term result as this process burns your fat cells and also stop them to build again.

Dieting is not much sustainable than detoxification, In dieting, you have to avoid all the food that you loves like, ice-cream which everyone loves more than any other thing. It is possible for you to keep away from your favorite food for a few weeks or a few months but, you can’t keep yourself away for a long time. Finally, at one point, you lose your patience and eat them and get the calories back that you have burned. But, by drinking a cup of Red Detox Tea (which is the best detox plan) you don’t need to worry about the calories or weight, this detox plan will control your fat cells and it helps you to keep the perfect shaped body. I suggest you use Red Detox Tea at least once you will definitely get the exact result you want.

Detox – Elemi’s Method of Detoxification

Without our knowledge, when we eat, breathe and drink some poisonous substances called toxins enter in our body. They accumulate in our body and produces harmful threats to liver, lungs and kidneys. The method of removing the toxins from our body is called detox or detoxification.

Detox systems are launched to help our body prevent high blood pressure, abnormal heart beats, problems in digestion, urinary problems and may bring up cancer. The liver acting as a purifier is the most affected. To keep the liver healthy and clean, a detox program is employed.

Elemi’s detoxification program is scheduled for 3 months. In the first month, two types of supplements are provided in the form of capsules. First one is for the weight loss and controlling cholesterol by burning the fat. The second one provides the detox supplement. It is responsible for cleaning the liver and to make it function properly and strong.

During the second month, some capsules are given to burn the lump of fat stored in our body. In addition to that it improves the circulation of the body, which helps in removing the toxins. In the third month, energy capsules are provided. The energy capsules as the name suggests, are for improving the energy levels of the body.

This method should not be carried out without the help of a physician. Especially pregnant women should not undertake this treatment. Also persons who have allergies for iodine, seaweed and shellfish are advised not to take this method of detoxification. People with thyroid disease or diabetes aren’t suitable for this treatment.

Detox Aids – The Myth Of Detoxing

Many people buy detox aids looking for a quick miracle fix just from taking a branded supplement, which will cleanse your body, but there is no evidence to support many of these claims.

If you want to detox properly it involves eating the RIGHT Diet to detox your body not simply adding a detox aid. Detoxing is not that simple!

There are some easy ways to detox and this involves simply a change to diet and don’t forget your body’s organs are designed to detox without any help from branded pills or juices!

Let’s look at the myth of detox aids and how to detox properly.

The body has its own detoxification system already!

Most of the pills, juices teas and oils sold as detox aids have no scientific foundation to back up their claims, yet people still buy them looking for a quick fix!

The reality of detoxing is that the body has its own in build detoxifiers namely the liver, kidneys, skin intestines and lungs and they are designed to remove and excrete toxins within hours of consumption.

Want to detox? Change your eating habits

The fact is to detoxify your body all you have to do is make simple changes to your diet.

If you simply drunk more water (at least 2 litres a day) and ate more fruit and vegetables your skin would look better and you would feel healthier.

Combine the above with removing from your diet what you know is bad for you i.e alcohol cigarettes and caffeine and you will compound the feeling of well being.

Think about it if our bodies can naturally detox and we simply add foods we know are good for us and remove ones we know are bad, the body will take care of the rest.

Logic tells you that if the body has organs to detoxify then how can a pill or juice help?

If you are in eating foods which are bad, a branded pill or juice cannot save your liver from alcohol or your lungs from smoke.

Detox naturally

All you need to do is eat a healthy diet and skip the detox aids. So, what foods need to be removed? Here is a list of essentials:

Red meat


Tea coffee and anything with caffeine in it


Dairy products cheese eggs and full fat milk

All processed and junk foods

All processed carbohydrates such as white bread and pasta

Keep in mind you if you eat naturally the body will take care of itself and if you do fill it with toxins there is no miracle cure to remove them that’s left to your over worked specialist detox organs !

Eat raw vegetables, unsweetened fruit juices, brown rice, lean chicken and turkey, fish and drink plenty of water and you will be getting healthy foods that put the minimum of strain on your organs.

Some natural aids

If you want some natural aids try:

Milk thistle to help liver function, bio yoghurt to boost probiotics to help digestion in the gut and finally, wheat bran, which speeds up the passage of food through the colon and gives your digestive system a good clean at the same – Its nickname is natures broom and its name is well earned.

Detoxing don’t believe the myths

The above is totally logical and common sense.

Branded detox aids are of little use and feed on people’s desire for a quick fix. Alas, like all quick fixes if they sound too good to be true and they are.

Your body can detoxify itself, but you well help it by cutting out bad foods eating naturally and drinking lots of water, to help your organs do what they were designed to do by mother nature without the help of a branded pill or juice.

Usage of Mudoku Detox Foot Pads

Foot pads which are meant for detoxification are a good option if you want to get rid of toxins from your body. Detoxifying foot pads work like the roots of the trees which soak water from the soil and cleanse it for its own use. The same method is applicable for detox pads meant for foot. They are placed in the acupuncture points of the feet and from there they soak the toxins inside the body thus detoxifying your body. There are different types of detox pads meant for foot available in the market.

The pads made by mudoku, like many other detoxifying pads, are made in Japan. If you want to know the ingredients that the Mudoku detox foot pads are made of then you can look at the back of the pack or search the net. Detoxifying pads work really well when used regularly. They will not only detoxify the system but also give you other benefits. Regular usage of detoxifying pads will increase the metabolism rate of your body, increase your energy level, reduce stress and tiredness, and reduce your body weight making you feel better and healthier.

If you do not know how to use the pads do not worry. It is very simple. You just have to wash your feet thoroughly and dry them out completely. After that you have to simply take out a detoxifying foot pad and attach it to your foot. When you have finished attaching the pad in one foot take out another pad and attach it on the other foot. For maximum result you should put on the detoxifying pads for 8 hours. You should use the detoxifying pads during the night. So that when you wake up in the morning you can throw them off. Do not be scared if you see some reddish brown deposit on your pads. If you see such deposits that only means the pads have worked. The deposits will be deeper in the first few days after which they will become lighter.

If you are curious that whether the application of these detox foot pads hurt or not then I am assuring you that they do no hurt even a little bit.

You can buy Mudoku detox foot pads or Kinoki cleansing detoxifying foot pads online. A box of detox pads generally cost around $15 and they contain around 12 pads.