Why Detox Should Always Be Step One

Detox is the first step in my Today is Still the Day plan and book. We use those first two weeks of the plan to do a gentle detox. People have, over the years, questioned why this is step one. It’s pretty simple – we live in a very toxic world and toxicity really messes up how our body functions.

Recent research now shows that toxicity is implicated in a host of other conditions, including neuro-degenerative disease, obesity, autoimmune illnesses, as well as cancer, arthritis, gout, lupus, and fibromyalgia.

We are inundated with toxins from fluoride in dental products and water supply to glyphosate contaminating our food supply, artificial preservatives and sweeteners, drugs, cosmetics and personal care products, flame retardants and EMF’s (electromagnetic fields) from cell phones, computers and other electronics. Let’s not overlook toxic emotions, thoughts, beliefs and relationships as they all impact our physical health as well.

Because we live in this world, we will be impacted by all or some of these to some degree. So what can we do? Plenty! We can be intentional in choosing the highest quality, organic, grass-fed and finished foods we can find and afford. A study done at the University of California found that eating organically grown food for just 6 days significantly decreased toxins in the body by an average of 60.5%. I don’t know about you but that is amazing to me and seems like a very simple step to take for such an impactful result.

Avoiding artificial preservatives, additives, sweeteners and fake, packaged, processed foods will go a long way to reducing your toxic load quickly.

Of course increasing clean water and fiber will help sweep toxins out of your body. Increasing intake of healthy fats including omega-3 fats like fish and krill oil, pasture butter and coconut oil and eliminating toxic fats like margarine and seed oils like canola will also help the body detoxify and heal.

Being aware of stressful, negative, toxic emotions, thoughts and relationships and finding effective ways to deal with them, like EFT, will also reduce your toxic load.

By cleaning up your diet and lifestyle in some intentional ways, you can gently detoxify yourself and jump-start any other changes you want to make. Aren’t you worth two weeks of clean eating? It is such a simple, doable step and you will be surprised by how much better you feel. I invite you to contact me and we can discuss how I might help you to do this.

Dr Natura Colonix – A Complete Colon Detox System

The human body is subjected to a myriad of toxins and chemically enhanced products, some or even most of which you are not even aware of, which cause a build up of metabolic waste and mucus in the fold and crevices of the colon and digestive system in total. Dr. Natura Colonix: A Complete Colon Detox System is a perfect blend of cleansers and fibrous dietary supplements which, when put together, help the digestive tract and expel any unwanted waste from your body by using a colon detox.

What to Expect from Dr. Natura Colonix

Dr. Natura Colonix -Colon Cleanse complete Kit – (Liver, Kidney, Colon, And Parasite Cleanse)

The results are weight loss, boosted energy levels, reduction of stomach cramps, aches and bloatedness as well as a feeling of wellbeing. The herbal dietary fiber helps reduce the formation of new material and increases digestive transit. This helps increase energy levels and reduce fatigue as the system has been flushed thoroughly.

What is Included in the Colon Cleansing Kit?

As well as having a cleansed colon, which means there is a lack of bacteria or being held onto, this means there aren’t harmful parasites which feed on human waste. Intestinal worms or the eggs of these parasites are cleared from the body and helps get the body back into a more natural state of being. The Dr. Natura: A Complete Colon Detox System Kit has Paranil Anti-Parasite Support which is a mixture of 18 herbs blended together to fight against the parasites. This powerful product is safe to use for adults although for children Paranil Jr is recommended.

Also included in the kit is KleriTea for Regularity and Detoxification, this helps promote regularity for waste excretion as well as restoring the normal function of the bowel. Having cleansed and maintained a healthier colon, this reduces the susceptibility of colon cancer and other health related issues. KleriTea is a natural laxative which starts the process in the purification of the bowel. As it can take around 8 hours to begin, after consuming, therefore it may be beneficial to have it as a night time beverage especially as there is no caffeine included.

The Truth About the Colon Cleaning Kit Treatment

Combining all parts of the colon detox kit has a complete affect on the digestive system which allows the body to be cleansed of impurities, reduce the ill-affects of harboring colonic parasites and promotes regular bowel movements. The positive results are:heightened sense of wellbeing, increased energy, soothed nervous system and reduction of stomach pains. Dr. Natura: A Complete Colon Detox System is a must have for bowel problems.

Seven Enemas to Detox the Colon

Besides going on a detox diet, you can do a detox enema to clear the toxins out of your colon.  Here are seven types of enemas to choose from:

Before choosing an enema, consult your health care physician.


Use a garlic enema when you have an infection in any part of your body. It will pull toxins and mucous the body and kill any bacteria or parasites present in the body.

RECIPE: In a blender, put 6 cloves of peeled garlic buds (cloves). (A bulb of garlic has many cloves or buds….use 6 of these). Add one cup of water and blend. Strain the water off into a two quart container. Add water to make two quarts. Fill the enema bag with this and use for the enema. If you are doing a three bag enema triple the recipe. Always use distilled or purified water in an enema and if your are doing three bags, use water in the first two and the herbal preparation in the last bag.


A catnip enema can be used for fevers, infectious diseases and colic in babies.

RECIPE: Steep two tablespoons of catnip leaves in one quart of boiling water for thirty minutes. Add another quart of cold water and allow the mixture to cool down before adding to the enema bag.


Combining catnip and garlic is effective in eliminating the bacteria, mucous, parasites and other toxins. This enema will encourage the peristaltic action of the colon and the catnip eases pain and cramping in the colon, relaxing and soothing the whole system.

RECIPE: Combine the two recipes above in equal parts and add to the enema bag. Make sure the solution is cooled.


A cayenne enema stimulates the kidneys, liver, spleen and pancreas. It also heals bleeding hemorrhoids.

RECIPE: Add one teaspoon or empty four capsules of cayenne pepper to a two quart enema bag of water. The burning sensation will subside after a while and a feeling of well being will ensue.


Slippery Elm is helpful in cases of diarrhea, colitis, and hemorrhoids. It is a mucilaginous herb and heals and soothes a scalded colon that is stressed from excessive diarrhea.

RECIPE: Use one tablespoon of Slippery Elm Powder in two cups of water. Blend and add to the enema bag. Fill the bag with water.


Mineral water pulls toxins from the colon and tones and heals the colon walls. 

RECIPE: Add one half cup Mineral Water to a two quart bag and fill the bag the rest of the way with water.


Aloe Vera aids in the healing of the colon wall, stops bleeding hemorrhoids and heals them.

RECIPE: Use one third to one half cup of aloe vera juice to a two quart bag of water. 

The Challenges of Opioid Detox

Opioid detox is not something you want to try alone. Often, when a prescription for pain killers ends, someone who has become dependent on opioids to function can’t get what their body needs. The withdrawal symptoms can be overbearing. As the body screams for more it summons the brain to go find some more, at any cost.

Generally speaking, most family members and friends don’t understand the extreme intensity of these withdrawal symptoms, as they have nothing to base it on, thus, they don’t know what the person is going through.

The dependent person at this point tries to self-medicate. But, finding a replacement to alleviate the withdrawal symptoms can be difficult, especially now that government regulators have cracked down on opioid prescription misuse. Without a source for the opioids, a dependent individual may take to the streets to find illicit replacements. This is one of the reasons heroin use has been on the rise again in the United States (cite: 1).

Another replacement might be Fentanyl which can be purchased illegally online (cite: 2). Fentanyl is the active ingredient of some of the most powerful prescription pain killers available. The problem is the person doesn’t know exactly what they are getting, or in what concentration. Taking more than the person is used to can cause further dependency, and too much could cause an overdose death.

This scenario above is very common. What starts as a pain killer prescription for a real medical or health problem turns into a living nightmare, often ruining their lives. We all agree this is terrible, totally unacceptable, and should have never happened. Of course, placing blame now doesn’t fix the problem of all those who’ve become dependent and addicted to opioids (cite: 3).

What Is the Solution to the Opioid Detoxification Problem?

Well, in the scenario above we see that merely ending the pain killer prescription of a dependent person often doesn’t end well. By the time an opioid-addicted individual makes it to a legitimate rehab center, the situation is usually more convoluted and complicated as the mix of prescription drugs and illicit drugs, the amounts and concentrations, and the individual’s deteriorated health condition has progressed.

For a successful detoxification program to work at this point, everything must be taken into consideration and each individual will need a customized treatment strategy (cite: 4). One-Size fits all programs won’t work, and will only lead to relapse, which means more pain, further health problems, and increased personal financial stress, often to the point of no return. No chance for the individual to take their life back.

Time Is Critical

The longer one waits to get into treatment, the more damage their body and mind will incur, and the harder it will be to successfully treat the dependency. Long term brain and nerve damage can occur, and opioid drug use takes its toll on internal organs. Throw in illicit drug use and the lifestyle of someone who is down and out or has taken to the streets and there becomes a point where even after successful treatment, they will never be the same again. The sooner dependency treatment starts the better for all concerned. Therefore, time is of the essence. No one should become a ‘throw-away’ person (cite: 5).


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