Master Cleanse Detox – Two Plus Two Could Equal Success!

With the ever increasing focus on us all to stay slim and in shape, more and more people are turning to health practices such as diets, cleanses and detoxes. Some of these may work for you but others will offer little or no results. A cleanse is designed to flush all the waste out of your body and restore your natural rhythm back to what it should be for you. One of the ways to achieve this is to try a detox like Master Cleanse.

The ingredients used in Master Cleanse have been known to have cleansing and healing properties for centuries. The first ingredient is lemon juice. Both lemons and lemon juice are a great at protecting the body from bacteria and germs. Lemons also stimulate the liver, as well as being able to relieve bloating, water retention, weight loss, constipation and diarrhea. The lemon juice also helps restore the right balance of acid and alkaline in the digestive system.

Maple syrup contains Manganese and Zinc. Manganese helps to produce enzymes in the body which help to defend the body with natural antioxidants. Zinc is a good source for fighting cholesterol and is known to have energy boosting properties.

Cayenne pepper is one of the most powerful herbs used around the world. There are claims that it can help to combat diseases such as cancer and leukemia. It is known to help improve circulation, heal ulcers and re-balance blood pressure. Cayenne pepper has diuretic properties too; it is very effective at ridding the intestines of urine and built-up fecal matter.

Finally we all know some of the benefits of water. It can help to boost your energy levels and make you feel less lethargic. Drinking enough water can help to reduce the hardening of the arteries. Water also helps to flush toxins and waste from our bodies.

With all this information in mind, now look at the list of 4 ingredients needed for the solution needed whilst on a Master Cleanse:

o Lemon juice

o Maple syrup

o Cayenne pepper

o Fresh water

So it could be the claimed benefits of Master Cleanse may really equal success for you. Remember to research all detoxes, diets and cleanses thoroughly before you start.