How Serious Are Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms

Alcohol withdrawal symptoms happen when a person who is addicted to alcohol suddenly stops consuming it. Because the alcoholic’s body has been dependent to alcohol, immediate withdrawal will give negative side effects to the person’s body system. This is the reason why you will see alcoholics starting to shake and stutter once the alcohol content in their body goes down. And in order for them to be normal, they have to consume more alcohol to replace the substance that was lost.

It has always been argued upon if withdrawal symptoms are life threatening or not. This to some degree has led some alcoholics to believe that quitting abruptly might cause severe side effects or even their death. Of course this is a fallacy and it is just being used as an excuse to protect their addiction. Some common symptoms are irritability (mood swings), confusion, depression, diarrhea, fear, hallucinations, headaches, heart palpitations, high blood pressure and insomnia to name a few.

The symptoms mentioned above are just a few examples what a person will feel once he quits or abstains from alcohol. The seriousness on these symptoms will generally depend on how long has the person been addicted to alcohol. A person who has been drinking everyday for 5 years can cope much easily compared from a person who has been drinking everyday for the past 10 years. There are many factors to be considered and not all individuals will act the same if alcohol is removed from their body.

I have known successful quitters who have been drinking almost all their life but they did not suffer severe side effects when they stopped. For them, their strong determination and commitment strengthened them to endure the symptoms they felt during their quitting period. Although from some articles I have read, some quitters succumb to massive heart attacks while others developed serious diseases that later on caused their eventual death. If this is the case then medical assistance is greatly advised especially if the quitter feels really bad during the first day of quitting.

Now these stories should not be a hindrance if you have been drinking for a long period of time and would like to quit. Rather, be positive and never let go of your goal to become a non-alcoholic once more. You may discuss this to your health practitioner which in return will give you some medicine to help you cope up during your withdrawal stage. Don’t be shy to open up your vice and addiction, you might need some medical help along the way.

Don’t lose focus in fighting your addiction to alcohol. Withdrawal symptoms no matter how severe they are will not last and should never be a hindrance in attaining your goal and objective. Try to regain back your respect and freedom and quit drinking today.

How To Choose A Top Drug Rehab Center

A drug rehab center is one of the most successful alternatives in order to overcome a drug addiction. If you are really determined to recover from your addiction, a treatment center has all the elements that are required to help you out in this process. A few rehab centers concentrate on particular types of drug addiction, where as other centers treat a range of drug dependencies.

Verify The Accreditation Of The Drug Rehab Center

First of all, confirm whether the rehab center is certified or not. Even though you can get good treatment from non-accredited facility as well, your probability of getting proper treatment improves if the treatment center is certified. Always select a rehab center which is certified by the JCAHO (Joint Commission on Accreditation of Health Care Organizations).

Different Treatments For Drug Addiction

The drug addiction treatment includes behavioral therapies as well as medication. The addiction treatments comprise outpatient and inpatient programs, self help groups and counseling. There are also a few rehab centers which offer programs for particular gender and age.

Medicines like buprenorphine and methadone are used to cure opiate dependency. Both the medicines perform by blocking the symptoms of withdrawal and repressing the drug cravings.

Behavioral therapies include: cognitive behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing and multi-dimensional family therapy. Multi-dimensional family therapy helps to recover you by improving the performance of your family. Cognitive therapy helps you to identify, shun and deal with the situations that have the possibility to deteriorate your condition. Motivational interviewing is intended to boost your enthusiasm and inspire you to change your behavior and enter the addiction treatment.

If you are looking for a good treatment center then you should also make sure that the center offers you a detoxification program. Detoxification is an essential stage in the process of the drug addiction treatment. This process cleanses your body of the harmful drug on which the body has become dependent. When you discontinue taking the drugs, there are some withdrawal symptoms that crop up. Some of the withdrawal symptoms include dizziness, nausea, depression, sweating, anger, irritability, headache and insomnia. If a facility has a detoxification program, it can offer you medicines to alleviate these symptoms.

Take A Tour Of The Drug Rehab Center

Before selecting a rehab center for yourself make sure to take a tour of the center. Have a look at the inside of the facility. Inspect all the visible regions and make sure that they are hygienic. Make yourself acquainted with the employees of the rehab center. If you need inpatient care, discover the number of patients and the number of beds the center has to offer. Make sure that the treatment center has sufficient number of skilled personnel.

Select A Drug Rehab Center Which Suits Your Budget

Different treatment centers have different budgets: go for a center that suits your budget in a good way. Do not go for the cheap rehab centers who cannot promise you to give your proper treatment. If the rehab center is highly structured and seems to suit your requirements, then investing some extra bucks would be worth it. When you are addicted to a drug, it is extremely difficult to beat the addiction. However, if a specific center can offer you the proper tools to overcome your addiction, you must get started right away.

Drug addiction treatments are not a one shot cure to overcome addiction. Drug addiction is a stubborn disease which needs long term treatment approach. Once you have decided to give up this nasty habit, you are on your road to healing. On your journey to recovery you must try not to deviate from your path. In order to reduce the risk of relapsing, you need to be involved with a support group and maintain a healthy lifestyle by getting adequate sleep and eating healthy food. Avoid going to the places or meeting the people who trigger your craving to consume drugs. Last but not the least, get proper treatment if you have any mental or medical problems. About 40 to 60% individuals who get drug addiction treatment become successful in quitting this addiction. Moreover, the drug addiction treatment programs offered by a good drug rehab center have a very stable rate of success.

Detox: A Cleansing Ritual

A few days ago, I started my first formal “detox”. A detox is a process in which one rids his or her body of toxins that have accumulated there over time since the last detox (or since the body stopped efficiently eliminating toxins which could be as early as in childhood). What this may involve is fasting, change of diet, and lots of crazy things. It’s great because, believe it or not, a few days in, you’ll feel amazing but only after you go through hell.

Let me tell you about my experience:

Day 1

Day 1 started well enough, I suppose. Jane and I planned on drinking lemon water and nothing else. By lunchtime, we felt terribly hungry, wanting anything and everything to eat. We craved coffee, solid food, pizza, baguettes, and basically, our usual lunch and breakfast. But alas, we stayed away and only drank lemon water.

Yet, we decided to eat because we were both extremely hungry and thus ate a couple of light salads with light organic dressing (not ranch) and some vegetable broth. We also had some fruit. We started out simply and easily. The first day was over, I did not feel anything and Jane started to feel the effects already.

Day 2

Day 2 had the most effect on our minds. We decided to continue with the salads and fruit but drink juice instead of lemon water to fill us up better (thus we could eat less solids). As for the whole digestive system intimate information, let me just tell you that I had to go to the bathroom a lot less for anything other than pee. But I went to pee a ton of times. The juice was good, the salads were great but the hunger wasn’t. You see, we ate salads, yes, but only two times a day, and that was it! No breakfast. I had a single fruit that day (between salads) and a lot of juice.

Detox, not only eliminates toxins from our bodies but also from our minds. I started to become delirious. I ended up crying that night, and releasing a lot of emotions and I’ve realized a few things I may have been subconsciously keeping from myself. Jane experience a similar release. My mind became clearer that night.

As for pains, I felt slight pain in my left knee, as I do whenever I’m hungry. And I started getting headaches, it was bearable but rather annoying. Jane experienced the same but much worse. Also she exhibited some signs of a cold ie. blocked sinuses.

Day 3

For me, day 3 was strange. I felt light and light headed most of the day. I fell against a wall a few times. Jane and I spent a lot of time sleeping. We decided to have the last salad that day and move onto juice&broth diet. My disorientation was rather funny but dangerous. At one point when I was driving, I stepped on the gas pedal instead of the brake. Jane experienced a lot more pain and so did I. By the night time, my sinuses were clogged as well but not badly. I had terrible headaches and my leg bore unbearable pain.

I woke up several times throughout the night because of new pains in my knee, in my back, my leg, my shoulder, my neck, and my head. All of it hurt but I slept through a lot of it. Jane, on the other hand, could not sleep at all. She stayed up all night because of the pain and the fact that she could barely breathe.

Day 4

Day 4 consisted of pain, and finally, peace. In the morning, I woke up with terrible pains, so terrible that I did not want to even get up. My leg, I wanted it cut off, amputated. Jane felt similarly. We both had fever, and we were both dizzy, and rather delirious as well (not as badly as one day 2 but badly anyways). We realized that we had gotten sick (not from detox) while detoxing. By the end of the day, however, we were both fine and neither of us hungered anymore. Pains were mostly gone and I felt free. My mind was clear, everything around me felt real, and I was glad about everything. I still had to pee about twenty times an hour but that was alright.

At the end of the day, we decided that we should start eating salads and get back onto our regular diet the next day and onward.

The Experience

It may not seem like we “fasted” much but it was a huge difference to what we usually eat (and that is A LOT). We normally eat healthy so our detox wasn’t as bad as is usually the case. Also because of that, our detox took only four days, and not longer. Cutting back so much on food and drinking so many liquids really flushed our systems. What’s amazing is that this definitely helped with my emotional stability, keeping my sanity, and feeling great in my body. You should try it sometimes, but adjust it to your own needs.

How to Master Cleanse to Get Rid of Fibroids Using Natural Detox Solution

Fibroids can be a debilitating and annoying discomfort that many women endure. Many women are constantly searching for methods to get rid of fibroids or at least shrink them down to size in the most feasible and least damaging means to their body and their lifestyle. There are numerous diets and programs containing a lot conflicting information, there is no doubt that huge amount of confusion permeates for seeker in the health industry. A detox diet with health programs including the master cleanse diet can be a gentle solution for elimination heavy toxins and metals found in the body that could be contributing to the problems.

Most women are aware of various options such as surgery and methods are available for removing individual fibroids and groups of fibroids that will cut off the blood supply to the offending fibroids causing them to shrink. Other available methods include drug treatments that are most often used before and after surgery to treat the fibroids. In effect, the drugs quickly reduce the size for optimal surgical success yet there is a common problem with this treatment. Fibroids have reported to grow back quickly and a temporary measure known to have potential undesirable side effects or complications.

These options are not without its merits and maybe necessary depending on the severity of any individual situation. Yet, many women are often searching for a more gently and natural methods that is less intrusive to their body while promoting greater overall health. Fortunately, the unique system of the body is remarkably receptive to natural alternative treatments. In the absence of good alternatives it is obvious to anyone the first thing to want to do is reduce the size through non-invasive means.

In efforts to prepare your body for shrinking or to try to eliminate fibroids, a master cleanse used to detoxify your body is most beneficial. Fibroids are conditioned to respond extremely well to natural remedies are an ideal treatment in combination with other solutions. Using a detox diet will flush out the excess toxins, heavy metals, and hormones from the body that can contribute to the fibroid growth. Some of the side effects of taking a master cleanse is the reduction of weight that most women enjoy. Maintaining a normal weight balance aids the elimination organs to rejuvenate and keep a natural healthy balance.

Fibroids thrive on excess estrogens and in many ways this can be limited by reducing the consumption of animal fats in a diet. Unfortunately, there are many foods and environmental substances that mimic estrogens and the body can absorb excess unable to process and stored in tissue. Cleansing the vital organs like the liver and the kidneys will help restore damaged cells and fortify healthy rejuvenated cells. Often women living in extremely stressful situations over a long period of time can contribute to fibroids growth. Meaning that there is more stress place on the body and its ability to function at its optimum. Stress as a contributing factor is often resolved by eating all the wrong foods for emotional comfort and distraction from the stress in our lives. Master cleanse solution can eliminate poorly ingested foods and allow the body to better produce the needed elements to combat stress naturally.

Detoxing with a master cleanse affords the body the ability to heal itself by the process of eliminating toxins and excess foreign substances that may be a contributing factor to fibroid growth. If nothing else, this is a cleansing system that promotes increased energy, healthier appearance and a safe alternative to harsh drugs and chemicals alone.