Need to Detox Your Body? Discover the Master Cleanse Secrets Now!

A popular detox diet called the Master Cleanse Diet program uses the Lemonade diet to be effective and efficient on helping the users lose several pounds within the detoxification period. For 10 solid days, you will be allowed to ingest liquids only. You will be required to drink 6 to 12 glasses of lemonade mix each day.

Actually, the Master Cleanse Diet program is not a diet-but really a type of colon cleansing program. Its purpose is to cleanse your body by getting rid of the toxin build-up and the sticky plaque that got stuck inside your intestines for many years. The plaque, mucus, and other waste materials that get eliminated may weigh over 15 pounds. Imagine having to carry that much of useless weight inside your body. No wonder you’re always feeling lethargic and tired.

By giving up solid foods for 10 days, the good benefits that you’ll get include strength, energy, and alertness. Your body will feel healthy again. You will have more stamina. All the pains, aches, and ailments that you’ve been enduring these past years will be gone.

Following the efficient pattern of Master Cleanse Diet, the Master Cleanse Secrets is also a detox diet program. Its main highlight is the solution to the so-called 3-day hump. Users will be guided accordingly so that the detox diet program will not be interrupted.

With the Master Cleanse Secrets, you will be allowed to eat solid foods along with the lemonade diet. A list of foods with specific nutrients needed by the body during detoxifying period is given to the user. These foods are specially chosen to make sure that the cleansing process is not interrupted. This program offers an alternative to those people who find sticking to the lemonade diet very hard and difficult.