The Herxheimer Reaction

So, in the last few days I have been surprisingly reminded of just how lousy I could feel. In fact, I had been making significant progress throughout the last couple of months ever since I had my mercury amalgams removed. I was on path of recovery and enjoyed the perks. I could do activities that was once too much for me to even think about. That was until a today! Boy what a rude awakening. Last night, I went to sleep with a headache. I could hardly think or do anything. I was staring at a movie, not really watching, like it was hypnotizing. I couldn’t function. My head hurt and I was extremely tired. I fell asleep right when I laid down that night. During the night, I awoke around 5 or 6 times to use the bathroom. Each time my head hurt, I was dizzy, and parched. I probably drank 1/4 of a gallon just in the night. I had cotton mouth like you couldn’t believe. I felt my heart beating out of my chest. Just walking to the bathroom made me winded. Each time I woke I found myself covered in sweat with a dull roar of nausea. Several times I swear I was on the verge of blowing chunks. I slipped in and out of my odd state of sleep every 2 hours or so. It was horrible. I had the craziest dreams/nightmares, and not just one, but a few. It was just weird. The next morning I woke up with a huge headache and dizzy feeling. I did my daily routine and started eating breakfast. Halfway through I got nausea and quit eating. I just felt sick. I made my way to work. By the time I got in I was breathing like I had just ran a marathon. During the morning I pee’d almost 6 times. I didn’t get any work done. It was hell on earth once again. Back to my old ways.

I started thinking “what could have triggered such a sudden onset of feeling so bad?” Then it dawned on me. I had just started a regiment of Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) and grapefruit seed extract (GSE) 3 days earlier to improve my skin and clear some Candida I had let take over while slacking on my low carb. diet (I do love potatoes). “Duhh…”, I thought. I was having a herxheimer reaction, die-off, or herx. And was it was a bad one. I haven’t had one in a long long time, so I guess it was about due. I started taking way too much MSM (0 grams a day to 2 grams a day). I didn’t even think to go gradual. I got a bit cocky I assume. Anyways, I write this to share die-off effects and what symptoms they produce, so you know what to expect as you introduce new natural supplements in your daily regimen.

The herxheimer reaction is the release of endotoxins after a large quantity of bacterial, fungal, or parasitic organisms die. During a herx. the amount of endotoxins released far outweighs the bodies detoxification capabilities thus producing “fever, chills, rigor, hypotension, headache, tachycardia, hyperventilation, vasodilation with flushing, myalgia (muscle pain), and exacerbation of skin lesions.” This sounds oh so familiar, especially the tachycardia which was really freaking me out. My heart was probably at 120 BPM while sleeping!

When you begin to experience a herx. reaction you should immediately begin a detoxification protocol. Actually, if you plan correctly you may be able to completely remove the herx. reaction from your healing process. If you begin to detox before adding a new supplement, that could potential cause a large number of pathogens to die-off, than may be safe from a herx. reaction. If you gradually build up the dosage of your new supplement you may also be safe from a herx. Personally, I feel that feeling the herx. is sometimes good, that it reminds you the new supplement is actually doing what is supposed to. It is a blessing in disguise.

You can expect a herx. To last anywhere from a couple of days to a few weeks. No longer than 2 weeks should be felt, however in some extreme cases this may happen. I have only had a few last longer than 3 days. Usually when you begin to feel a die-off reaction you should decrease the dosage to a lower amount until the symptoms are more manageable. Once the symptoms begin to clear you can then up-the-anti and take more of the supplement, ultimately reaching your goal dosage.

A good way to aid your body in removal of the endotoxins is sweat, water, and vitamin c. Make sure you drink around a gallon of water a day. Take a detox bath at night before you go to bed. This bath includes 2 cups of Epsom salt, and 1 cup of baking soda. You can add some lemon or lavender if your feel the need for some aromatherapy (always helps). Do no make it too hot because this will add more burden to your body. Soak in this solution for 30 mins. When you get out drink plenty of fluids then go straight to bed. Most cases you will be so fatigued that the bed will seem like a stretch to get to. Also, make sure you take plenty of vitamin c and antioxidants throughout the day. Taking 1 gram of vitamin C every few hours is a good idea. This will help your liver flush out toxins. Don’t forget to take your daily dose of milk thistle to aid your natural biological filters. Remember to eat healthy and avoid sugars and caffeine. Get lots of fresh natural air. Go for a walk; try and keep your mind off the symptoms. Thinking about it only makes it worst. I wouldn’t suggest any painkillers or OTC medicines during a herx. These only plug up your natural detoxifies and makes things worst.

All in all, a herx reaction can be very painful and discouraging, especially if it comes out of the blue like my last one did. It can make you feel really bad for several days and do numbers on your emotions and mental progress. Keep in mind though it is only temporary and there is light at the end of the tunnel. When you get there the bluest of blue skys will be revealed. You will feel more clear and pain-free. It is a pleasant surprise. You energy will improve, your brain fog will subside, and your overall sense of well being will be greatly improved.

Flush The Fat – Three Steps For A Cellulite Detox

Don’t let one more ounce of fat get anywhere near your body. You can reverse the fat build process beginning today.

If you seeing lady lumps appearing in places you definitely don’t want them… You probably need to decongest your digestive system and detox your body after all the stress and low budget fast food you had been eating for lunch.

How do you know if you need a cellulite fat flushing purifying cleanse?

In order to experience a long-term lean body you must eat a perfectly balanced nutritious diet. One of the great advantages of achieving that lean body is high energy and mental clarity.

It is difficult sometimes to start a program so my suggestion is to jump in lips first. It’s looking at everything that passes through your lips into your mouth and down into your stomach for digestion.

Proper nutrition is the basis for boosting your metabolic system and the extra energy you will feel from the detoxifying effects of fresh juices, super foods, herb teas and healing broths.

Most weight loss diets have little nutrition to offer so they leave you feeling tired and lifeless. In the end, even if you lose weight, you feel so deprived that it starts ravenous cravings for foods that zap your energy and put the weight right back on. You end up feeling worse than when you started.

A cellulite fat flushing purifying cleanse is one of the best ways to jump-start your weight loss, which can lead to total healing and anti-aging. Dangerous fats such as saturated fats in processed meats and dairy foods, trans-fats like those found in many dairy foods, hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils found in margarine, shortening and many quick snack foods, and oxidized fats, like those in all fried foods, collect in the excess body fat you already have. They all make your fat worse and makes cellulite even more dimply!

Sugary foods and highly processed foods (like fast foods) are void of digestive enzymes that they end up collecting as excess fat, too. When your system is congested, your body tries to dump its metabolic wastes to get them out of the way and one of the places that receive this horrific metabolic waste is excess fat.

Is your body showing signs that it needs a cellulite fat flushing purifying cleanse?

Here are some questions you can ask yourself to find out….

First of all… what is Cellulite? Cellulite is a combination of fat, water and trapped wastes beneath the skin. It is concentrated areas of fat that appears dimpled when you squish it in your hands.

Is it collecting on your hips, thighs or tummy?

Are your upper arms flabby?

Is your waistline noticeably thicker this year than last year this time?

Does your face look jowl-y or puffy?

Have your wrists and ankles thickened?

Today is the day when you begin this process. No, not next week, or after your next final exam. There’s no better time to give your body a healthy, fresh start than right now! You can start lowering your weight this very day by eating clean, upping your liquids and thinking fresh.

Benefits of a Cleanse

Energy levels rise almost every day as your system becomes purified.

Your weight will drop consistently as you become more serious and committed.

Your digestion will noticeably improves as toxins are flushed and high-quality nutrients are more quickly absorbed. This helps to strengthen your immune system and boost your metabolism.

Elimination problems often associated with weight problems begin to clear up.

Circulation will noticeably improve, as will all cardiopulmonary performance.

Your heart becomes healthier as well as your other vital organs.

Quick Steps for a Cellulite Detox to Jump Start Your Weight Loss Program

Step 1 – DRINK

Drink plenty of bottled or filtered water!

Eight to twelve glasses of purified water each day. This can include herbal teas that do not have caffeine. Water can help an overeater get past weight loss plateaus; decreasing water intake causes increased fat deposits. Drink all liquids before eating, to suppress appetite and maintain a high metabolic rate. Make sure at least 50 percent of your diet is composed or fresh foods and fresh juices.

Step 2 – GO Keep it Moving!

Rev up your fiber intake. Fiber plays a major role in weight control and fat detoxification.

Fresh fruits and vegetables and whole grains and legumes are great forms of fiber.

Stop the bad fats! Unhealthy fats make you gain weight… healthy fats like olive oil, flax seed oil and canola oil assist weight loss as long as they are used in moderation. The healthy oil is also good for digestion.

Step 3 – EAT

Eat Foods that are Alive, Fresh and Organic!

Here are some suggestions:

Green leafy vegetables. Eat them raw, put them into a broth, add them to your juices. Their chlorophyll helps remove environmental toxins (heavy metals, pesticides) and it is a great liver protector. Fresh food calories are relatively non-stimulating to glands and tend to stabilize weight. Add sea vegetables to your diet everyday.

Lemons. Fluids are vital. They help flush the body. Freshly squeezed lemonade is ideal. Its vitamin C – considered the detox vitamin – helps convert toxins into a water – soluble form that is easily flushed away.

Watercress. Add a cupful to your salads, soups, and whole grain and fat free sandwiches. This peppery green leaf has a diuretic effect that helps move things through your system. And watercress is rich in minerals too.

Garlic. Add it to everything – salads, sauces, spreads. In addition to the bulb’s cardio benefits, it activates liver enzymes that help filter out toxic debris.

Broccoli sprouts. Buy them at a health-food store. They pack 20 to 50 times more cancer-fighting, enzyme-stimulating activity into each bite than the grown-up vegetable.

Cabbage. There are two main types of detoxifying enzymes in the liver; this potent veggie helps activate both of them. Coleslaw, anyone?

Water based fruits. Melons, kiwi, oranges, grapefruits, apples and berries. They’re full of almost all full of fiber, vitamin C, fiber, nutritious fluids, and all kinds of antioxidants. Nothing tastes better and is more refreshing than fresh honeydew melon, fresh berries, or a juicy apple.

Green tea. This antioxidant-rich brew is one of the healthiest ways to get more fluids into your system. Bonus: It contains catechins, which speed up liver activity. I like the decaf because I can’t handle too much caffeine.

Psyllium. A plant that is rich in soluble fiber, like oat bran, but more versatile. It picks up toxins (cholesterol too) and helps clear them out. Stir powdered psyllium into juice to help cleanse your colon, or have psyllium-fortified Bran Buds for breakfast.

Sesame seeds. They’re credited with protecting liver cells from the damaging effects of alcohol and other chemicals. For a concentrated form, try tahini, the tasty sesame seed paste that’s a staple of Asian cooking.

Working out during a cellulite fat flushing purifying cleanse What Exercise Should I Undertake While Cleansing/ Detoxing?

As you can imagine, during a detox it is not a good idea to put your body under too much strain or stress through exercise. However, this does not mean that all exercise is forbidden during a detox (you don’t get out of it that easily!).

The detox process aims to give your body an opportunity to cleanse itself, flushing any toxins from your system and therefore you want to know which exercise can help with this process and is recommended while detoxing. Aerobic (fat burning) exercise is one of the primary exercises to focus on when detoxing. Aerobic exercise increases your heart-rate into your ‘fat burning zone’ (intensity of around 6-7 out of 10 rate of perceived exertion) and encourages deep, diaphragmatic breathing that helps flush your lymphatic system while you are burning fat.

While resistance training is fantastic for you, it’s better to not do heavy mass building workouts while you are in the first seven days of a good detox. This type of exercise (along with high intensity aerobic training (HIT) can be quite stressful on the body during a detox and can therefore inhibit the body’s ability to repair itself effectively. After the first seven days, you can go back to your heavy training.

Amelia, I recommend this type of focused programmed for seven days. Once you have kicked your body into purification, you can gradually add in more carbohydrates that are moderate to low glyemcic and natural.

If you like the way you feel and your body is responding well and your energy is high, keep going until you can achieve a modified version that will be easily maintained. This is one of the methods I used for several of my artists who had to look good fast in a bikini or less for a photo shoot.

I am so passionate about getting rid of cellulite that I made an entire program about it. I outline the foods, and celebrity secrets that cost many actresses thousands of dollars to find out. It’s called my Quick Start Energy Program [] and it contains my Special Cellulite Solution MP3 Audio that goes into specific detail about cellulite reduction!

I wish you well with your career and with your life. I strongly encourage you to design your perfect life. Don’t settle for anything less than the best of everything. Only accept the perfect job, only date perfect men and most of all make yourself happy before you even think about getting married. Make sure you marry someone who celebrates You and all that you are and all that you desire to be.

God Bless and make it the Best Week Ever!

Is Pomegranate Juice Good For Body Detox? Find Out the Truth About Cleansing Your System

Your body is packed with organs, such as the colon, liver, and the kidneys, that deal with the toxins that get into your body everyday. It has its own mechanisms and processes that keep the body away from waste materials and chemicals. For example it uses alkaline materials to neutralize acids.

Detoxification is a natural process that the body can perform. The problem is, when the organs responsible for this natural process is overwhelmed by all the toxins from processed foods, air pollution, and unhealthy eating habits, the body’s ability to cope up is low. The toxins are stored in the body and will soon become toxic when they stay there for a long period of time. You need to give your body the resources it needs to get rid of these wastes.

One way of getting bio-available nutrients into your body is by drinking juices. All the nutrients that you get from fruit juices will help your cells function well in getting rid of waste products. Remember to use organic fruits or a mixture of organic fruits and vegetables to get the best amount of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants needed by the body.

Pomegranate juice for cleansing your system is a good idea. Though the fruit is only native to areas like Iran and the Himalayas, it has attracted a lot of attention because of its potential to fight, prevent, and heal diseases. What it can do to the body is amazing. Pomegranate juice is known to contain almost three times the amount of antioxidants found in green tea or red wine. It also has almost the same amount of potassium as a banana has. When preparing this juice, you can use the whole fruit including the shell. There are also readily made juices available in the market. However, if you are lucky enough to buy a fresh, raw pomegranate, then that would be better.

3 Day Detox Diet a Requisite to Fight Weight Gain

The importance of eliminating the toxins from the body has to be given priority before venturing on a weight loss regime. We seldom think of cleansing our internal organs to activate our metabolic rate which is most often sluggish for the weight gainers.

A detox diet is a mode to cleanse the entire system from the impurities clogged in the body due to bad life style. It has to be initially done before starting a full fledged diet routine and should be done only for a short duration. The 3 Day Detox Diet has to be done with undo care and discipline.

There are many detox diet plans, but to make it successful choose the one that suits your life style and is realistic, to enable you to execute it to maximum benefit. The importance of eliminating the toxins from the body has to be given priority before venturing on a weight loss regime.

The three day detox regime

  • The day begins by drinking water which has to be continued throughout the day. Fresh sugar free juice can be taken as a substitute for water. Break fast should essentially be a bowl of whole grain cereal complimented with a fruit. Lunch can be made of fresh vegetable salads and dinner with soups of mixed vegetables, to be taken before 6.00 p.m.
  • The second day, the breakfast starts with fresh fruits and water. A rich green salad can be filling for lunch. Early dinner can be healthy steamed vegetables.
  • The last day might be spiced by hunger pangs. Don’t give up; supplement your bodies urge by taking a lot of fruits and keeping yourself well hydrated. Check your craving at night by eating vegetables.

With a three day natural diet devoid of any chemicals along with a 30 minutes walk enables the body and mind to relax and get started on the weight loss and fitness regime.