A Detoxing Approach With A Difference: The Natural Way!

A detox is often done for the wrong reason and not always for the best of outcome. Not all detoxification programs are safe. No one should just hop in and start to detoxify because they have read or heard something about it. A severe detoxify program can become dangerous. This should only be done for serious health reasons and monitored by a professional person. Changing from a wrong diet to a good one is already a natural way of detoxifying. If this is the case your body will detoxify by itself every day, or better still, all day long. The problem starts by using the wrong detox.

Think of your liver

With a harsh or severe detox plan it will remove these toxins too quickly where the liver becomes overloaded and is unable to dissolve these toxins. Therefore, the toxins are not discharged the normal way and finish up in the bloodstream, which can trigger all sorts of illness to any of the vital organs. This is not advisable because it simply starves the body of essential nutrients.

Once that plan is complete most people go back to the old lifestyle and habits as before. The same result: You are back where you started from, gained a few extra pound or kilo’s of weight. For some people (women especially) this is an unacceptable situation. So it is a must during a detox to choose an effective and healthy eating plan.

Toxins, where do they come from?

Most of this is about using food as a detoxification process to help the body flush out toxins that are harmful to our health. It is fact, that in our world of today most people are exposed to varying levels of environmental pollution and other toxins even without knowing it. It is also fact, that the body will often have its immune system compromised considering that it can only handle a certain amount when it comes to combating toxins in our body. Processed food is one of the main problems in our diet which is nutrient poor. Medication can also become an issue as is often the case. Overload in our body such as antibiotics, pain killers, Stanton drugs, which not only give side effects but can become a toxin of its own. Therefore, we cannot completely ignore the significant benefits of a detox diet.

How do I know I’ll need one?

Do I really need to detox? A bit confusing at times let’s say for someone who’s been on a wrong diet for a long time it will be a benefit. When we’re in balance, we can detox without too much bother. However, the cumulative effects of processed foods, too much alcohol over long time, stress and little or no exercise can create a heavier load than the body can carry. A formal detox involving dietary changes can help process this load. Good nutrition is the foundation, because if you don’t support your body with wholesome food, you’re wasting your time with dieting pills and other stuff. Choose fresh fruit and vegetables, raw nuts and seeds, lean meat, chicken, fish, eggs, unprocessed grains; make your own juice and use filtered water. Limit packaged heavily processed and take away foods.

Do it the safe way!

Look after the organs. Our organs work as a team. If you push one too far, you could upset the other. If you choose a detox plan with supplements, make sure there is a balance across the organs. For instance, if you take a liver supplement, you should also support your bowel, kidneys and skin, in addition to your liver. To be honest, instead of using these type of supplements just use the right type of food. The only supplement I would recommend is a multi supplement in a liquid or gel form. The benefit of a multi supplement: The body gets all the ingredients at the same time and is able to absorb them better into the blood stream.

Here are some natural ways to detox:

  • Have a lemon and ginger tea first thing in the morning. Slice a lemon and ginger, pour on boiling water and leave for 10 minutes. Drink hot to boost circulation and detoxification.
  • As we can absorb many things through our skin, at the same time our skin is also a detoxifying organ. By adding a cup of Epsom salt to your bath water this will help to draw out impurities from your body.
  • If the craving indicator knocks: As a snack, just a small hand full of Brazil nuts during the day. This will boost your selenium levels.
  • To increase your fiber intake, add chia seeds and/or similar seeds to your salads and vegetables. This will help to remove toxins from your bowels.
  • Add a splash of chlorophyll to your drinking water. This will cause alkalising and removes heavy metals, such as mercury from your body.

These are not big changes. Remember, eating the right foods is doing the detoxifying for you without torturing and going on any lengthy starvation. With the right diet the body will get all the nutrients it needs and remove the toxins at the same time.

If it’s done right, you’ll be amazed how quickly it can revitalize your body and health. You’ll feel better, look better and have much more energy.

Body Detox – It Will Get Worse Before It Gets Better

Biological detoxification of your body can be accomplished in many different ways.. Healthy people with no issues have a much easier time doing this than people with chronic health concerns. The results can vary.You can experience fantastic results or you can be marginal. It depends on what you decide to do and how it affects you. This is one of those mind body spirit things. Most people are healthier after a few months. Everyone is different. It is kind of like getting a facelift. You can be fabulous when its over or not so much.

The first thing to know before you embark on this path is that it is a journey. Please do not do this alone. Do not go to the health food store, look at a few brochures, buy the named detox supplements and head home to detox on your own. You will be in for a very unpleasant surprise. It includes a stomach ache, a headache and diarrhea. First, find out what a detox will actually do for you.

The professionals on the forefront are chiropractors, alternative medicine doctors, nurses, massage therapists and professional trainers. Interview them carefully before deciding on a professional. What they should do is provide complete instructions, guidance and advice for the entire procedure. Expect them to be available to you for months if needed. The prices they charge for this service vary a great deal so shop around. Get testimonials.

Have your blood chemistry tested before starting a plan to see what toxins are affecting what organ systems. Be informed about what toxins are present and also learn about heavy metals. Our air, food and medicines are laced with heavy metals. Getting blood tests for toxins can cost thousands of dollars. I wanted to find someone locally but the prices were over the moon. Costs are more than the professional charges because you must purchase a variety of supplements.

My chiropractor’s explanation of the detoxification process helped me to understand that doing a supervised program is essential. His testing costs were reasonable and he was online. He used supplements from a certified company and everything was pharmacy grade.That can make an enormous difference.

I started the program knowing that it could affect me negatively. I felt achey and tired the first week. I knew to exercise to feel better faster. I took a walk every morning. Everyone is different but because I was informed, I knew what to expect. I knew how to adjust it to alleviate symptoms so that I could function. Each week of detoxifying will bring you different symptoms to manage. Hang in there and keep your professional informed. You should notice new strength and deeper sleep.

So how do you know your detoxification worked? You have to retest. You must be willing to change your protocol as you progress. No professional will be able to help you do that without follow up testing. Detoxification can take months depending on the individual.

Drink plenty of water. It needs to be at least two quarts. Make sure it is filtered water. What will you eat? Most of the professionals will have easy to follow diets. Invest in a skin brush from a health food store. Brush your skin as this is one of the main areas toxins are released. Instructions come with the brush. Taking an epsom salt bath is also helpful. Some people reported some swelling in different parts of the body as toxins are released. Resting on an incline board was also suggested to relieve swelling.

Would I go through this process again? Yes. It is an education about your physiology. It will give you the best way to relieve symptoms you may have had for a long time. One great side effect is that obese people will lose weight. As they progress through detoxification, diet management is an important facet. You will know what works.

Dextoxification Process In Ayurveda – Panchkarma

Detoxification is a medical process to remove toxins from the human body. Detoxification speaks the truth resting, cleaning and feeding the body with nutrients from the back to the front. By uprooting and taking out poisons, then encouraging your body with sound supplements, detoxifying can help shield you from an ailment and reestablish your capacity to keep up ideal wellbeing.

Detoxification aims at removing toxins from the body and preventing accumulation of new toxins in the body as they causes illness in the body.

Detoxification Process:

Basically detoxification means blood purification. Body Organs like lungs, kidney, intestine and skin helps the body in removing toxins through them. Making the blood circulation, regular in these organs can help the body detox.

How the need for Detoxification realizes??

The following symptoms can help one to understand their bodily behavior against toxification:

• Restlessness

• Skin Problems

• Allergies

• Menstrual Issues

• Constipation

• Sexual Dysfunction

Body’s Natural way to detoxify it:

• Give rest to your organs by fasting

• Allow your body to sweat so that body toxins can release through the skin.

• Enrich your body with nutrients.

• Avoid coming in contact with pollutants.

Another few preventive measures which could be followed to reduce toxin levels in your body include elimination of alcohol, coffee, cigarettes.

Try to reduce the use of chemical cleaners used in your surrounding and health care products like shampoos, deodorants, etc. Stress triggers the release of stress hormone in our body and hence slows down the working activity of detoxifying enzymes in the liver and raises the body toxin level.

Hence by making the changes in our diet plan, having a high fiber meal, keeping ourselves happy can help the body detox and healthy.

In Ayurveda the special process of detoxification is known as Panchkarma. This process eliminates all toxins. Every individual takes its best food to live a healthy life, then also he or she gets some diseases or restlessness/ tiredness. This shows that all the toxins are not eliminated by passing stool daily or urination or sweating. Very fine particles of undigested food particles (known as AAMA in Ayurveda) deposited in blood, cells, tissues and organ level and be the main cause of diseases. This panchkarma process is known as shorthand chikitsa and has a major role to rejuvenate individual and leads to 100 years of life.

Panchkarma means five processes

1. Vamana- Drug induced vomiting

2. Virechana- Therapeutic Purgation

3. Vasti – detoxification via anus

4. Nasya – elimination of toxins by nasal route

5. Raktmokshan – detoxification of blood

Ayurvedguru is a center of purification and rejuvenation for last 20 years.

The Shocking Meaning Behind Black Bowel Movements

Let’s just say that you get up one night to make that trip to the “head” and then as you get up off your royal throne only to see black crude inside of your toilet. The first thing that may come to your mind is panic mode. So what do you need to know when it comes to black bowel movements and in some cases green bowel movement?

First things first don’t panic. Just because you see black or green stool underneath you doesn’t mean that you necessarily have a problem. If anything, it is almost common that sometime in our lives we will have stools in a color that we are not used to. That does not mean that we have serious health problems.

So what can cause black or green bowel movements? Well, there are many things that can cause it however, most of the culprit belongs on the foods we eat. Depending on the type of foods you eat and even the color can dictate what kind of poop you push out, pardon my French.

Foods such as leafy green vegetables such as lettuce, spinach, or peas can result in green bowel movements. Do you like ice creams and artificial dye candies such as green apple jolly ranchers? That to can result in having green bowel movements in your stool.

Usually black bowel movements are due to too much iron that you may have in your system. It’s just your body’s way of getting it out of you. The difference from green stool is that black stool doesn’t really have anything to do with what you’ve eaten so much.

If you are consistently having green and black stool in your toilet then you may want to see a physician. Usually this can mean a problem that you may have with your digestive system or toxins that may harm your body. Whatever the case its always good to be safe and get checked out regardless.